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Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2

In Funny Shooter 2, the newest 3D first-person shooter game in the Shooting Games collection, players have to use a variety of weaponry in their arsenal to take out spooky and amusing adversaries. Are you prepared to participate in Funny Shooter's second episode?

Introduce one of the best FPS games: Funny Shooter 2

In Funny Shooter 2, you will be immersed in a universe of challenges while playing as a sharpshooter in a genuine war against funny-looking enemies. You are alone in this difficult encounter, and a huge army is poised to attack you from every angle. It's time to pick up a gun and demonstrate a professional shooter's precise aim. Beautiful graphics show you interacting with up to 10 different sorts of weapons as you take on a variety of comical enemies.

Advancing gameplay of Funny Shooter 2

The campaign mode in Funny Shooter 2 has a rising level of difficulty. Discovering new monsters with occasionally fantastic and frequently catastrophic skills is possible at every level. You will also face a tough boss every ten levels! As you advance through the game, there are upgrades, achievements, and a store where you may purchase additional lethal weapons.

Numerous foes

Phases of adversaries will appear, and nearly every level will have a brand-new, thrilling monster, boss, upgrade, or weapon. Regular redmen, toiletmen, giants, and other bizarre, lifelike creations might all be your adversaries. Use a variety of guns, grenades, and other explosive-loaded weapons that deal significant damage to these amusing targets.

Diverse weapons are equipped

You can choose from a wide variety of wild weapons, including rifles, RPGs, grenade launchers, handguns, bazookas, sniper rifles, shotguns, and even skins that let you modify them! To defeat the odd enemies that will swarm you, use a variety of weapons.

To earn extra money to speed up your advancement, be sure to finish the challenges and achievements. You can purchase a variety of weaponry in the market with the coins you earn while completing missions, and you can also develop your character. Purchase additional weapons, different attachments, and customizations by going to the shop. You have a lot of possibilities for creating a distinctive arsenal of weapons that reflects your personal taste.

Achievements and advancements

There are numerous milestones in Funny Shooter 2 that you can complete and earn cash for. Don't forget to improve your grenade impact, coin magnet, and healing talents. Obtaining insufficient gold? Get large gold payments by claiming your awards in the achievement screen to help pay for your upgrades and new weapons. The RPG and grenade launcher upgrades on the main screen might also help you go through your games more quickly.

Play Funny Shooter 2 right away to demonstrate your boss-killing prowess!

How To Play

You can improve your character's equipment and skills by earning gold coins as you go through Funny Shooter 2’s levels. You must move forward and maintain a safe distance from any potential threats in the area if you don't want to get wounded. Additionally, the shop is where you can get your weaponry customized with a variety of extras, including optical sights, silencers, and more. 

In Funny Shooter 2, defeating adversaries and earning game points are rewarded for accurate shooting. An adversary you defeat might drop a useful item. You deserve to be commended for your efforts. Your hero will find a great use for these things in upcoming conflicts. The use of grenades, pitchforks, axes, chainsaws, and clubs is strictly discouraged; failure to do so will result in the loss of all of your accomplishments.

Tips and Tricks

You can create the appearance that the world is ending by firing nuclear missiles at your enemies. The best way to win the round is to eliminate all of your opponents with well-placed headshots.

To increase your chances of winning, collect more goods by hitting milestones and performing challenging activities. All nearby targets will be highlighted on a mini-map that will appear in the top-right corner of the screen.

Funny Shooter 2 Control


  • Use mouse to look around
  • Use your Left Mouse Button to shoot
  • Use your Right Mouse Button (Hold) to aim
  • Use your Mouse wheel to next/leading weapon

Key board

  • Press W + Shift to run
  • Press Space to  jump
  • Use WASD keys to  move
  • 1-7 is your weapon hotkeys
  • Press R to reload
  • Press G to throw a grenade
  • Press T to inspect the weapon
  • Press E to remove weapon

FAQs about Funny Shooter 2 online

Who is the creator of Funny Shooter 2?

The creator of Funny Shooter 2 is GoGoMan. This game was released in August 2022.

Can I use my phone or computer to play Funny Shooter 2?

You can play Funny Shooter 2 via a web browser (desktop and mobile).

How many levels are in Funny Shooter 2?

This game contains a total of 10 levels for you to conquer. The higher the level, the more opponents must be destroyed, and the more difficult the challenge.

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