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You will feel a sense of fear and panic as you explore Backrooms. For more thrilling entertainment, don't forget to check out other Horror games

There was nothing there save the dreadful odor of stale, moist carpets, the madness of mono-yellow, and the brilliant light of fluorescent lights that were functioning at maximum hum-buzz. There are around 600 million square kilometers of rooms that are randomly distributed. If you are nearby and hear something moving around, you had better hope that it hasn't previously heard you.

Use the map on the wall as a reference, search the rooms for money, and collect as many of them as you can in order to find your way out of the back rooms where some of the monsters won't let you.

How To Play


  • Use Left Control to Crouch 
  • Use Left Click to Use Item 


  • Use WASD to Move
  • Use Shift to Sprint 
  • Use Q to Lean Left  
  • Use E to Lean Right 
  • Use F to Interact 
  • Use Enter to open Chat 
  • Use V to Talk 
  • Use Tab to open Player List
  • Use I to Inventory 
  • Use C to Show Card  

You can navigate the many Backrooms using the joystick controllers. Run and use your escape skills to complete your survival puzzle. Have a good time with Backrooms.