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Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout is two-player shooting game in which you must hop about and eliminate all other players. Let us use our weapons to kick all of the opponent's troops and show them who is more talented!

Race to the escape location while challenging other players along the way. Pick up power-ups and weaponry as you go and navigate through difficult maps. Enjoy the fun physics and gameplay by hopping left and right and using power-ups and weaponry to outwit your opponents.

How To Play

  • Player 1: Use "W,E,R"
  • Player 2: Use "I,O,P"

Getaway Shootout FAQs

Getaway Shootout was created by whom?

Getaway Shootout is created by New Age Games, a developer known for their bizarre physics-based games.

In Getaway Shootout, how do I unlock characters?

You can unlock new characters by using the coins you earn in-game.

Getaway Shootout: How Do I Play It?

Through practice, you can master physics. To make it simpler, gather power-ups.