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Gorilla Adventure

Gorilla Adventure

In the action game Gorilla Adventure, players have to hone their hammer control skills in order to move the character up the building. When the master climber reaches the top of the skyscraper, great mysteries and a wonderful reward are waiting for them. Let’s try it right now! 

Gameplay of Gorilla Adventure

Gorilla Adventure's primary gameplay is simple. To overcome numerous obstacles in a metropolis, you must move the gorilla with a hammer. The main guy is confined to an iron box that keeps him from being able to move his legs. You have to move him while he's holding the hammer. This hammer has extremely flexible movement. The hammer will give you a push to assist you in moving in the desired direction when it makes contact with other things.

The idea behind the game Gorilla Adventure is really original. But overcoming difficult hurdles is a common theme in video games; one example is Getting Over Snow. Have fun!  

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