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The Last Man

The Last Man

In the top-down survival horror game The Last Man, your goal is to get out of an alien facility. In search of ammunition, equipment, and weapons, explore a confusing lab complex to see if you can escape. Are you prepared to begin right away?

You find yourself in a confusing lab complex that has been overrun by terrifying monsters in The Last Man. You explore it in search of supplies, equipment, and weapons in an effort to escape. Detect and collect as many pieces of armor and weapons as you can. Find a way to escape these perilous and depressing circumstances. Keep your guard up because these aliens have the ability to sever your head with just one blow!

The main character in The Last Man can be shot down with just one blow. Shoot anything that moves on sight to stop that from happening. Use the mouse to aim, then left-click to fire. Collect the superior weapons that the dead soldiers left behind. To get more ammunition and flashlight batteries, open supply crates.


  • Weapons, ammunition, escape routes, and enemy positions are generated at random.
  • Brutal action and a spooky sci-fi setting are hallmarks of classic TPS gameplay.
  • A lengthy single-player campaign with lots of memorable levels.
  • There are ten different types of weapons, from fighting knives to sniper rifles.
  • Lightweight, melancholy 2D graphics.
  • The ambiance and sound effects are in keeping with the theme.

How To Play


  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Use Left-click to shoot
  • Use Right-click to pick up a weapon or item Mouse
  • Use scroll to change weapon


  • Use R to reload
  • Use T to ON / OFF thermal goggles
  • Use N to ON / OFF night vision goggles
  • Use M to ON / OFF Map
  • Left-Shift / Space to run P to pause