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Skibidi Toilet Shooting

Skibidi Toilet Shooting

In the action-packed shooting game Skibidi Toilet Shooting, you take on the role of an American soldier in a blocky universe.

It's your task to shoot the designated number of Skibidi toilets to finish each level and get access to new weaponry. Prepare to use your incredible aim and arsenal of destructive weapons to ruthlessly destroy waves of floating heads on armed toilets. Simply go around the entire city and try to eliminate every enemy you come across in each stage. Use your earnings to unlock improvements for your vehicle, ammunition, stamina, or weaponry and have an unmatched experience!

Tips and Tricks

Shoot only when you have a clear shot at the Skibidi restrooms to avoid wasting ammunition. Continue moving because being still makes you a target. To get the most damage out of your weapons, upgrade them often, and approach stages methodically.


To play, use the mouse, WASD, spacebar, shift, and R keys.