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Impostor Rush Rocket Launcher

Impostor Rush Rocket Launcher

Prepare yourself for an incredible space voyage and master the game Impostor Rush Rocket Launcher. A small imposter is getting ready to set out on a new adventure. He's attempting to make a safe getaway from one of the riskiest tasks. Ready to charge across an island with a potent weapon that can fire missiles! 

How To Play

Main tasks

Your primary goal is to eliminate each of your formidable enemies who are housed in various tall towers. You can either avoid their attacks and advance to the next level, or you can unleash your rocket to take them out. Accurately time your rocket shots to neutralize towering threats while staying alive. You gain points according to how many troops you kill and how far you manage to cross the island!

Collect coins

Remember to gather the coins you receive for every soldier you shoot. You can use these coins to invest your earnings in better-quality new avatars. 


  • Use the arrow keys to move your character around the island. 
  • To aim and fire rockets at the soldiers in the towers, use your mouse.

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