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Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump

Help Doodle ascend to the top positions in Doodle Jump! Try your jumping and reactions while remaining mindful and attempting to avoid falling.

In Doodle Jump, your objective is to jump as high as you can without going off the screen. The game is really difficult because, as you go, you'll discover that some of the platforms move, some break when you leap on them, and some give you a boost. There will also be a variety of monsters that you might come across. They'll also make an attempt to knock you off the platform. Everybody exhibits different behaviors. Thus, be cautious about that.

How to play Doodle Jump

  • To play or navigate the website, use the spacebar.
  • To play the Doodle Jump, use the right and left arrow keys.

Tips to playing

  • Watch out for boosts to your power. Power-ups can extend your life or allow you to jump farther.
  • While it might be simple to become engrossed in trying to jump on every platform, there are instances when it is preferable to play it safe and wait for the ideal opportunity to present itself.

Be cautious as creatures have the ability to emerge at any moment and push The Doodler off a platform.

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