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Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing is a charming and relaxing fishing game where your goal is very clear: Fishing. Because of the game's easy controls and straightforward gameplay, which allow players of all ages to enjoy the peaceful sensation of virtual fishing, it became quite popular. You can select between the Fishing and Trawling modes.

  • In the Fishing mode: Pay close attention to where you click on each fish's body in the Fishing mode.
  • In the Trawling mode: Plan out which places you want to take over. As time runs out, the more fish you catch, the more points you can win. 

How to play

Start this game and cast your line into several beautiful fishing spots. Try to catch a lot of different colored fish. Each fish you catch is worth a certain amount of money based on how rare it is. To make the most money, only catch high-value fish and don't use up your catch limit on low-value fish.


To throw your line into the water, left-click. Pay attention to the angle and direction; different types of fish like different levels and spots. Wait until your line is in the water. Watch the bobber to see if it moves or waves. 

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