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Time Shooter

Time Shooter

Time Shooter is a must-play because it's a first-person, slow-motion shooter! To finish each level, defeat all the enemies while keeping in mind that time passes more quickly when you're moving.

The SuperHot fan-made Time Shooter games uses the same time-only moving-when-you-move mechanic as the original game. To defeat approaching enemies, use a variety of weapons. Keep in mind that time slows down when you stop and speeds up when you move.

Make your way around the map using the weapon that is best suited for the task. Let's kill some bad guys while carefully managing time with our movements. Don't be afraid to use whatever is necessary because anything can be a weapon.

Tips for Time Shooter 

  • Before you make a move, take a look around you.
  • Unless you are in imminent danger, it is best to use long-range weapons to eliminate enemies first.
  • Choose the right tool for the job; if your foes are well-armed, an AK-47 might be a good choice.
  • Be wary of adversaries who are just waiting to fire at you.

How To Play

  • Use WASD to move
  • Use Left Mouse Button to Shoot / Throw Weapon
  • Use Right Mouse Button to Pick Up Weapon

Time Shooter 2 and Time Shooter 3: SWAT are the most recently released versions that are ready for you to try. Have a great time here!