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Skibidi Invasion

Skibidi Invasion

Wait for the most thrilling Skibidi Invasion experience. Amazingly, this game combines humor and action in a special way.

A game included in the Skibidi game library, Skibidi Invasion is sure to be a big hit. Similar to other Skibidi games, the goal of Skibidi Invasion is straightforward yet difficult: repel the aliens from Skibidi Toilet as long as you can. It is your goal in this game to destroy these alien invaders while equipped with a potent machine gun. Aim to shoot the Skibidi Toilet invaders as quickly as you can to score highly and survive for a long period of time. 


  • Use WASD to move.
  • Use your mouse to aim and shoot. 

Plan a fair approach to begin this game right now. Keep your speed consistent because every Skibidi you shoot increases your score. 

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