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Hero Telekinesis

Hero Telekinesis

In the interesting third-person shooter Hero Telekinesis, you take control of a superhero with superhuman abilities. 

Instead of carrying guns, knives, or any other form of weapon in the game, you will be able to utilize telekinesis to cause random objects to strike all of your foes. By exerting mental effort, you can change the state of physical objects. Throw things at opponents to distract them. Use arrows to destroy towers, then the ruined pieces as projectiles. 

To eliminate all of the assailants, you will be able to make boxes, spears, or even TNT barrels fly from one location to another. Huge bosses have armor, you're continuously being shot at by arrows, and foes with shields can deflect your strikes.

How To Play

  • Use WASD to move, 
  • Use Mouse to view
  • Use Right click to pull object
  • Use Left click to throw object
  • Use Shift to run

Have you not always wished you had Magneto's abilities from the X-men? Enjoy playing Hero Telekinesis and stay tuned for the following installments which will be updated frequently!

Have a great time!