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Basket Random

Basket Random

In Basket Random, you should be ready to put on your jersey and step outside. If you think you have the best shots and can score points nonstop, then prove to your competitors that you are the best player out there!

It is time for you to take your spot on the court if you are confident that you are capable of scoring more points than the other players. You take control of two ragdoll players in this enjoyable basketball game that only requires one button to play. The basketball court, the players, and the balls will all be selected at random before the game begins. Each baseball and basketball court has its own particular characteristics. If you want to win, you need to get five points as quickly as you can. Give it your best shot. 


  • There is support for both single-player and two-player games.
  • Weird people who play basketball with a lot of bounce.
  • Graphics in a colorful 2D style.
  • Fun pixel graphics.
  • There are many different playing fields, balls, and players...

How To Play

You have the option of playing the game either by yourself against the computer or with a friend while using the same keyboard in the two-player mode.

  • Player 1: Use "W" to jump
  • Player 2:  Use "UP ARROW KEY" to jump

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