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Counter Craft 4

Counter Craft 4

In the explosive gameplay of Counter Craft 4, players must battle legions of blocky zombies with a variety of weaponry and explosives to destroy the undead threat. 

Gameplay of Counter Craft 4

A multitude of difficult stages lie ahead of you, where you'll need to repel the swarms of monsters who swarmed the streets of the abandoned city. It's obvious what you have to do to survive each round: carefully aim and destroy hundreds of zombies. You have access to a wide range of weaponry, such as assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, and more, with which you can do severe damage and defeat the unrelenting waves of blocky opponents. 

Additionally, use explosives like mines and grenades to demolish large areas quickly and eliminate large groups of zombies. The difficulty of surviving each round increases as the game goes on, testing your abilities to the utmost.


  • To move and target your character, use your keyboard and mouse. 
  • While you can aim with the right click, the left click initiates an assault.