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Mine Shooter

Mine Shooter

The shooting game Mine Shooter is difficult and spooky. In this intense first-person shooter game, these relentless ghosts won't spare you!

The blocky world is challenging you right now to demonstrate your shooting prowess. In Mine Shooter, which includes shooting in the world of Minecraft, you take on the role of a special forces soldier equipped with a variety of potent weapons, and your objective is to shoot incoming minecraft creatures in their hordes. So why are you still waiting?

You must continue shooting the creepers and zombies you come across on the map until all of your targets have been eliminated while avoiding their attacks on you in the process. To pass each level and unlock new weapons, try to defeat the specified number of enemies.

How To Play


  • Press WASD or the Arrow keys to move.
  • Press the SPACEBAR to jump.


  • Use the MOUSE to aim.
  • LEFT click to shoot.
  • RIGHT click to zoom in.

Another version of this game in which Huggy appears - Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack! There are certainly more exciting challenges for you. Let's go exploring now.