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Horror Granny Playtime

Horror Granny Playtime

Horror Granny Playtime is ideal for anybody who like the exhilaration of horror mixed with the excitement of hide & seek.

Playtime with Horror Granny Playtime goes beyond basic hiding and searching. It needs your plan and your fast thinking. You will assume the position of the seeker who has to find every player in a predetermined amount of minutes. Recall your surroundings, spot odd items, and move quickly to apprehend the hiders. Watch out since the characters may change into seemingly innocent objects to confuse you. The game is over if you cannot locate everyone within the time limit.

How To Play

Selecting the game mode and difficulty level will let you start your hide-and-seek journey. Every player is hidden within a predetermined amount of time. Find them is your job! Recall that the secrets to finishing this challenging work are patience and fast thinking.


Mover with your mouse. 


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