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Slope is a fantastic arcade game where you jump, roll, and plummet across the environment while trying to survive as long as you can.

While guiding your rolling ball through a maze of obstacles, you must gather points. To complete the 1,000 levels that Slope has to offer, this fast-paced arcade game demands a lot of skill and even quicker reflexes. Each level is a unique task with its own obstacles and angles. Each level is a distinct challenge with its own barriers and angles. To see who can finish each level in the quickest amount of time, you can compete against gamers from all around the world if you're up for it.


  • A never-ending downhill thrill ride
  • Numerous balls to unlock and utilize
  • Rapid-fire gameplay
  • For a straightforward but futuristic look, use retro graphics
  • Randomized slopes make each game of slope climbing different and enjoyable

How To Play

The arrow keys or left-or right-click on the screen can be used to tilt the ball. You'll be secure if you remain in the lane. On the way, be sure to gather jewels. With your diamonds, you can unlock new balls.

These difficulties increase the enjoyment of Slope by requiring players to acquire a specific quantity of gems or cover a specific amount of ground. Electron Dash and Run 3 are both challenging games in the same categories. Are you confident you can complete all levels?