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Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game is an easy-running T-Rex game where the goal is to dodge obstacles for as long as you can. Aim to earn the most points possible! 

The built-in game in Google Chrome appears as an error page when the web browser is not active. The protagonist is a charming T-Rex dinosaur that may be seen jogging around an old desert. The goal of the Dinosaur Game is unquestionably to stay away from pterodactyls and cacti. 

How To Play

Start the game by using the space bar. To move the dinosaur, use the up and down arrow keys.  


  • T-Rex appears in an endless runner game.
  • Side-scrolling camera view in a well-known web game created by Google
  • 8-bit 2D graphics 

Dinosaur Game FAQs

What is the Dinosaur Game's record-breaking score?

When you reach the highest score of 99999, your score is reset to 0.

Why is a dinosaur included in Google Chrome?

Chrome now allows players to play the dinosaur game offline and without an internet connection. The dinosaur motif makes fun of the game's ability to operate without an internet connection and suggests that doing so is similar to the "prehistoric ages."

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