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Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

The goal of the arcade game Flappy Bird is to guide a cute bird through a series of obstacles built entirely of pipes.

Avoid crashing down by guiding the flying bird through the spaces between the green pipes without coming into contact with any surfaces. A consistent flapping rhythm is quite hard to maintain, thus it will be tough to obtain more than five points (flying through five pipes). You will need to practice a lot before you become proficient and the game becomes less frustrating.

Gameplay of Flappy Bird

Simple, addictive, and moderately annoying best describes Flappy Bird's gameplay. This fly-and-dodge game has a pretty basic idea. To lift the bird and make its way through the green pipe gaps without crashing, gently tap. Upon the unavoidable collision, you will obtain a score that you can strive to surpass during your subsequent run. You get hooked on it quickly!

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