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Making the pieces fit together outside of the player's area is the goal of the arcade game SlingShot, which supports up to four players.

You don't need to be cautious or worry about breaking something when playing Slingshot! No, quite the contrary! The goal is to shoot from a huge slingshot and destroy everything you see in front of you, so you must smash everything!

To be able to shoot the most coins at the territory of the opposition, align yourself precisely. The AIs were not designed lightly. So you can be sure that your match won't be simple!

SlingShot Features

  • More than 150 levels are spread across 4 distinct worlds in this game.
  • To complete the level, the player must shoot the ball perfectly.
  • You must use logic to advance through the levels.
  • Excellent graphics are used in the game to entertain.

How To Play

In order to launch the pieces, press W, G, K, or P.

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