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Skibidi Flappy Poppy

Skibidi Flappy Poppy

Skibidi Flappy Poppy is a wacky arcade game that'll put your stamina to the test!
A thrilling game in the vein of "Flappy Bird" will put you in control of the protagonist of the popular series about the Skibidi toilet, rather than a tiny bird. You will put your ability to stay in the air for an extended period of time to score as many points as you can to the test in this arcade. The objective is to make your way through difficult pipes while trying to collect as many medals as you can. Would you like to embark on this thrilling journey?

How to play Skibidi Flappy Poppy 

  • The motion of Skibidi Toilet can be adjusted with your mouse or, if it's a touch device, your finger.
  • Skibidi will rise when you click or tap the screen, avoiding any pipes in the process.

Remember that the game will stop if you fall or bump into any pipes. Get as many medals as you can to earn the most points. Find the perfect time to click or tap to get the right height and spacing between pipes.

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