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Monster School Challenge 2

Monster School Challenge 2

In Monster School Challenge 2, the fascinating challenges from the first game Monster School Challenges are returning to test the greatest players.

With confidence and little knowledge, you enter the school, but when you leave, you are an expert at solving problems. Play the bottle flip and roller coaster challenges with Zombie, Creeper, Craftsman, Noob, Pro, Hacker, God, and Girl in Monster School Challenge 2. Your precise and rapid movements will astound your teacher and peers! 

How To Play

In reality, Monster School Challenge 2 combines three minigames:

  • Parkour with Huggy: Press W to hop over barriers, pits, traps, and other hazards as Huggy chases Noob through the courses and avoids being grabbed by the ominous blue monster toy.
  • Aquapark: Click to dodge TNT and other hazards as you go down the water slides, being careful not to deplete your health bar.
  • Archery with Herobrine: As you progress through the level of hell using archery with Herobrine, use D to accelerate, W to jump, and the mouse to aim and fire arrows at Herobrine!

Have fun with the Monster School games series! 

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