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Monster School Challenges

Monster School Challenges

You can become the top student in your school with the aid of Monster School Challenges! Get ready to learn what it's like to attend this sizable university as a student!

Follow each eccentric student in this retro action game as they try to finish coursework that includes parkour and bottle-flipping. You must, of course, exercise prudence. If you make a mistake, they'll get a failing grade and may even have to spend some time in the loser's area of this really gloomy school!

How To Play

  • You can utilize LEFT CLICK to carry out a number of operations.
  • Press S to end.

Monster School Challenges FAQs

Monster School Challenges were invented by who?

The Stickman vs. Monster School Team created this game.

Are PCs and mobile devices compatible with Monster School Challenges?

Of sure, I say. On your desktops and mobile devices like Android phones and iPhones, you may play Monster School Challenges.  

Is the newest version of this game available?

Here are some more challenging online games if you truly enjoy them: Monster School Challenge 2, and Monster School Challenge 3. Have a wonderful time!    

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