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Hero 3 Flying Robot

Hero 3 Flying Robot

In the 3D action game Hero 3 Flying Robot, you play as a robot who fights against enemies. 

Bad people are everywhere in the city, and if something isn't done to stop them, you'll lose the city.  In addition to having a variety of armaments, such as laser cannons and missiles, this robot can also soar above the city.  Let's fly like a super robot. Fly through the city and eliminate adversaries. 

From your palm, fire an energy beam. To eliminate numerous enemies at once, use homing missiles. Fire a laser beam from your chest to slice through enemy hordes. Fight any intruders that have taken over the city! 

How To Play

  • Use "W, A, S, D" to Movement
  • Use "SPACE"  to Scroll up
  • Use "CTRL" to Scroll down
  • Use "LEFT-CLICK" to Shoot with your left hand
  • Use "RIGHT-CLICK" to Activate the laser
  • Use "F" to Activate Missiles


  • Abilities that are exclusive to the main character.
  • Flight physics that is true to life.
  • Huge open-world characters.
  • Engaging and fun gameplay.

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