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Hero 2 Super Kick

Hero 2 Super Kick

Hero 2 Super Kick, the second installment of the well-known video game series Hero Telekinesis, is now playable and tests any shooter.

You are a colossal hero. The chemicals administered to you in the laboratory environment gave you superpowers! Any opponent can be defeated with a single blow. Apply a variety of strikes to your target and see as your opponents get more disjointed. Nobody can withstand your powerful fist! 

How To Play

  • Use MOUSE WHEEL to Circular Kick
  • Use RMB to Cotton Press
  • Use LMB to Punch
  • Use SPACE to Jump
  • Use WASD to Move
  • Use Shift To Run
  • Use E to Kick Leg
  • Use F to Grab the Enemy

Experiencing amazingly realistic physics, taking out rooftop snipers, and persevering in the face of peril. Seek out further titles in this fantastic Shooting games series, such as Hero 3 Flying Robot.  Start the hero battle now!

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