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Hero 4 Slice Enemies

Hero 4 Slice Enemies

In the exhilarating game Hero 4 Slice Enemies, you assume the character of a heroic figure with superhuman strength and razor-sharp claws. 

It is your responsibility to decimate the opposing troops that have taken control of the city where the game is located. You possess unmatched strength and enormous claws. Take caution since even defeated foes will pursue and attack you. Without heads, enemies will prowl the area in a random direction. 

How To Play

Be sure to divide them up. Destroy giants using armor. Make a long-distance strike at the adversary and destroy him. All opponents nearby will suffer damage from a circular strike. Even after being wounded, opponents will still pursue and attack you. 


  • Left Mouse Button to Claw Strike
  • Right Mouse Button to Throw on Target
  • Press the mouse wheel to Circular kick
  • F to Grab the enemy
  • Left Mouse Button to Throw a Captured Enemy
  • Mouse to Look around
  • WASD to Move

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