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Zombie Craft 3D

Zombie Craft 3D

In the 3D zombie shooting and crafting game Zombie Craft 3D, players are thrown into an unrelenting struggle for survival amid the apocalyptic zombie pandemic. 

Enter this post-apocalyptic world in Zombie Craft 3D, where your only goal is to survive at all costs. To ensure your own existence, you have to depend on your accuracy and fast reactions to take out these unrelenting enemies. Find essential supplies and equipment along the road to help you in your fight to survive. The chance to advance your character's skills and powers will present itself if you can withstand the undefeated zombie onslaught.


Move with WASD, and attack with a mouse click.

In this post-apocalyptic world, how long can you withstand the unrelenting hordes of zombies, and how far will you go to claim victory?

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