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Shooter Craft

Shooter Craft

In Shooter Craft, you have entered the pixelated world of a greatly fun adventure game.

One of the better Minecraft-inspired games currently available, this one is a ton of fun. You should always keep an eye out for the zombies as they will try to attack you all day and night as you explore the map in search of hidden treasures. Avoid running into spikes, other obstacles, or enemies to keep from losing a life; if you lose all three lives, the game is over.

In Shooter Craft, you must gather every crystal while shooting dangerous zombies and biting creepers. To move on to the next level, you must aim for the door at the end of each level. However, to unlock it, you must collect all four diamonds along the way, which are typically displayed in blue. Complete every one of the fascinating levels, then enjoy yourself.

Shooter Craft Features

  • Gameplay influenced by Minecraft.
  • There are many tools to make, and each one has information about the requirements of the objects.
  • Your own personal play style is up to you.
  • 5 playable character options with various equipment.

How To Play

To move, press WASD and the space bar.

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