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Time Shooter 3: SWAT

Time Shooter 3: SWAT

Blockbuster-scale action and strategy are featured in the game Time Shooter 3: SWAT. Prepare yourself for the newest game in FPS games collection in years!

Use a range of ranged and melee weapons to dispatch dozens of enemies in slow motion. While dodging approaching projectiles, display incredible accuracy and agility. Explore intricate interiors that are filled with dangers.

Time Shooter 3: SWAT Features

  • Bullet-time gameplay simulates countless combat scenarios and provides a great deal of variety.
  • Characters and environmental physics that are realistic.
  • many expertly crafted levels with carefully considered layouts.
  • Gunplay is enjoyable and has a large selection of lethal weapons.
  • Even older hardware can easily handle stylish 3D graphics. 

How To Play

  • The intention is to neutralize every criminal in the area while safeguarding the defenseless. Hold still to stop time and take careful aim.
  • To move around and try to avoid getting shot, press WASD.
  • Use the F key to grab items and weapons.
  • Click left to fire.
  • Throw the weapon that is currently equipped with RMB when the clip is empty.

Don't forget to get through the other Time Shooter games in the series. Good luck and have a wonderful time!