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Teris Crush

Teris Crush

Teris Crush is a soothing puzzle game available online. It is a distinctive and creative mashup of the match-three puzzle genre with the beloved Tetris game.

Gameplay of Teris Crush

To make seamless vertical or horizontal lines of blocks, drop blocks. As soon as one of these lines is formed, it is demolished, making room for more blocks to fall. Maintaining board clarity for as long as feasible is the aim. Gather unique power-ups to shuffle the blocks on the board, clear many lines at once, or even make special blocks that can be combined to make even more potent combos.


To move and rotate the falling bricks, use the arrow keys. 

Fill in all the gaps in the bottom rows to create a sturdy foundation. Steer clear of piling up too many blocks vertically since this will make it harder to form whole lines in the future.

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