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Squid Shooter

Squid Shooter

It's time to take part in Squid Shooter's battle against the Squid army. Be on the lookout for the sentry invasion and defend yourself from this assault.

Returning with a brand-new adventure is Squid Game! Use your sniper weapon to eliminate the moving players. It is now up to you to accurately hit the eliminated players and eliminate them! Participate in the conflict with the Squid army in Squid ShooterSelect one of the 18 weapons on offer in Squid Shooter. Protect yourself from the hordes of gamers and parents. Avoid using coffins and cash grenades. Steer clear of knife, ax, and crowbar attacks. Destroy the enormous dolls with a bazooka and a grenade launcher. Take them out with shotguns, machine guns, and handguns. Take them all out!

Don't forget to tell your friends about your excitement and invite them to play the game with you so you can spend time together and have a chance to be the luckiest player. 


  • Stunning visuals in this.
  • Engaging and fun gameplay.
  • Several distinct types of weapons.
  • Music that drives you and some excellent sound effects.

How To Play


  • MOVE THE MOUSE to look around.
  • Use LEFT CLICK to shoot.
  • Use RIGHT CLICK to aim.


  • Use 1 - 7 to change weapons. 
  • Use R to reload. 
  • Use WASD  to move. 
  • Use THE SPACEBAR to jump. 
  • Use SHIFT and W to run. 
  • Use G to throw a grenade. 

Were you happy with your time here? Check out Squid Game Shooter for even more furious combat!

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