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Squid Hook Game

Squid Hook Game

Have a good time right now with the entertaining game Squid Hook Game, which features action, adventure, and a whole lot of fun.

You will have the chance to try one of them in the game Squid Game Hook. For recreational purposes, the plaza will be divided into two glades. Each team consists of players who are equipped with a rubber rope with a hook at the end. You can't start dragging any players toward yourself until you cast a hook to the opposing site first.

Use the rope to pull the Squid Game games player on the other side over to your side. To capture your rival and take the lead, move while throwing the hook. After a game match in Squid Hook Game, you can purchase one of five Squid Game characters and revive your skin in the game store. Utilize this by carefully sending the rope to the opposing side. By investing in dolls, players, and workers, you can up the action. To compete against other players, grab your hook!


  • There are a total of 5 different characters in the squid video game.
  • Increase the attack, speed, damage, and other stats of your imposter.
  • Straightforward controls!
  • Simple to use and comprehend user interface
  • There are smooth and beautiful visual effects available!

How To Play

 To play this game, use a touchpad or mouse.

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