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Snow Rider 3D

Snow Rider 3D

You can take a sleigh ride at any time throughout Snow Rider 3D if the mood strikes you.

While avoiding and jumping over various obstacles, have fun sliding downhill on a sled. You need to collect gifts along the way so you can utilize them to open up additional sleighs later. There are obstacles in every direction, so you must drive your sled down the hill with extreme caution. When you have a specific amount of gifts, you can shop in the store to purchase a new trick. So why not get going right away?

How To Play

Using your keyboard's left and right arrow keys, you can move left or right. To leap, press the D key.


  • A video game with a racing and skiing theme.
  • 3D graphics are really appealing.
  • There are many sliding feelings since there are many slides.

You will like Snow Rider 3D if you really enjoy playing Racing games. When there are perilous hazards all around you as you descend a mountain, how far can you go? Fly across gaps and avoid the many risks as you try to fly as far as you can.

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