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Sniper Trigger Revenge

Sniper Trigger Revenge

In Sniper Trigger Revenge, take out the dangerous convicts who broke out of the prison! To get coins that you can use to enhance your weapon, shoot stars. 

You'll be thrust into a world of captivating action sequences and precision-based tasks in this thrilling online game. There are bad guys in every corner, but where are the courageous men? You can combat the savagery of these individuals because your superiors have given you a mission. Aim and fire to take out your adversaries by using walls to deflect shots and hit inaccessible locations. Get money to buy better and newer weaponry, then keep killing enemies until all the tasks are finished.

How to play

To shoot, depress the left mouse button and then let go. There are occasionally wooden boxes that you must fire down in order to hit your target. In order to complete each level with three stars, you can also shoot at the stars to gather them.  

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