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Among Us Crazy Shooter

Among Us Crazy Shooter

In the game Among Us Crazy Shooter, you take control of a building and use it as an opportunity to shoot all of your opponents to death.

You only have 10 seconds, therefore shoot all the impostors as quickly as you can. Each shot that strikes the target will extend your time. Make every effort to destroy every adversary across all difficulty levels before they manage to defeat you first. Take care not to fire any bombs. As you try to complete all 20 difficult stages, unlock new weapons.

How to play

You have to get your gear first. Two story structures will be seen on the screen. On the left side will be our character, while the adversaries will be hidden in the home in the right corner. Pay great attention to the movements of the imposters and avoid being caught off guard. Several individuals will simultaneously appear as traitors on multiple floors.  


Aim using your mouse. To shoot, press the left button.

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