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Sniper Elite 3D

Sniper Elite 3D

In Sniper Elite 3D, take out every target without letting them know. Prepare your sniper weapon and assume control of a proficient marksman.

Demonstrate your sniping prowess and eliminate adversaries in Sniper Elite 3D. Prepare to fight a deadly war against the terrorist organization wreaking havoc around the city. Explore intriguing and novel sites throughout a wide map, expand your arsenal and weaponry, and become far more lethal! Modern warfare sniper attacks and a range of tasks are available online to test your sniping prowess and pit you against the hardest opponents. Enjoy yourselves! 


  • Use WASD to move
  • The mouse's two buttons to aim and shoot the rifle through its scope
  • Use shift to sprint faster, space to jump
  • Use R to reload ammunition and X to crouch. 

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