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Sniper vs Sniper

Sniper vs Sniper

You have to show off your sniper rifle proficiency in the tactical FPS Sniper vs Sniper!

You'll fight strong opponents in exciting long-range engagements as a sniper. Accuracy, sound strategy, and fast thinking are all that are required! Since the enemy would be well-equipped, it would take more than one body shot to take him out. In order to eliminate the opponent with the first shot, attempt to aim for the head. The battleground is yours to control, whether you're concealed in the depths of urban alleyways or perched atop a skyscraper.


How To Play

  • To aim and shoot, use your trackpad or mouse.
  • To eliminate your opponent, click on them, but act fast to avoid being hit first.

Before the fire, take your time to get your shot exactly lined up; a bad shot could cost you the game. Sniper vs Sniper provides countless hours of thrill and challenge with its engaging gameplay and competitive multiplayer option. Enjoy yourselves!

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