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Shoot The Cannon

Shoot The Cannon

If you enjoy playing Shooting games, then just must make time to play Shoot The Cannon. The only two things that matter in this game are your aim and how accurately you can shoot.

It might appear simple, but the difficulty will undoubtedly ramp up as you progress through the levels. Because you only have a limited amount of ammunition, it is essential that each shot be carried out with the utmost caution in order to avoid running out.

Fire cannons at the blocks to destroy them. Shoot the blocks down by aiming at their strategic weak areas. You need to entirely clear each level of wooden blocks, thus you should devise a methodical plan to distribute the number of shots you have available to do so.


  • Difficult levels.
  • Stunning 3D look and feel.
  • Gameplay that is both easy and engrossing.
  • Physics that is true to life.

How To Play

Take aim, fire, and eliminate all of the obstacles.

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