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A 3D sandbox game you must play is Minecraft! Explore randomly generated worlds and build everything from the simplest dwellings to the greatest fortresses. 

Travel the world in survival mode while mining for tools to construct armor and weapons to fend off the hostile monsters, or play in the creative mode with unlimited resources.

How To Play

View a few of the most recent masterpieces created by the neighborhood on the Marketplace! Some of the top game designers sell their original maps, skins, and texture packs for sale.

You can do a number of actions using the slash commands, such as shift the time of day, call forth creatures, and distribute stuff.

You can further customize your experience. If you are more tech-savvy, you can change the game's data-driven behaviors to produce entirely new resource packs.


  • Move with WASD.
  • To stack, sneak, or sprint, use the arrow keys.
  • Jump or swim using the Spacebar. 

Minecraft world with many other interesting games like Trap Craft and Shooter Craft are waiting for you to discover!