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Impostor vs Noob

Impostor vs Noob

In the video game Impostor vs Noob, you should be ready for an exciting and tense gaming experience.

You'll assume the role of a traitor on a quest to beat all adversaries and advance to the next level in this exhilarating adventure set in a cube universe. To advance to the next level, your character, an imposter, must eliminate every enemy on the current level. You're in for a thrilling journey in the world of the cube, full of engaging characters, fascinating gameplay, and intriguing stages. Accept the challenge and develop into a true professional imposter!

How To Play

Assist your hero in ascending to the next level. The right mouse button should be released after taking your target into consideration. To advance, you must eliminate every enemy on the level.


  • Fire a gun at the Noob.
  • Every level is memorable because of the thrilling mechanics.
  • There are more than 100 varied and colorful levels.
  • Many biomes, including lava, grass, sand, and sandstone blocks also, the ocean! 

Get ready for a thrilling voyage full of intriguing levels, fun gameplay, and enduring characters. Can you take the test and establish yourself as a real professional impostor? Check out Impostor Assassin for more titles like this game. 

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