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Roblox World Shooter

Roblox World Shooter

Take a thrilling trip with Roblox World Shooter, an engrossing 3D game that immerses you in the center of a battleground with a Roblox theme.

Continue running in Roblox World Shooter to evade the waves of enemy soldiers that will shoot at you if they spot you. Remember to aim and fire at every opponent. Coins that you collect when you fight foes can be used to unlock more characters, each with their special skills. Roblox World Shooter allows you to control a small character in the never-ending battle of the Mini Obby War Game, with over 10 distinct and difficult levels. 


  • Use WASD and arrow keys to move
  • Use Left click to shoot and right to aim
  • Use R to Reload
  • Use F to interact
  • Use Ctrl to Run
  • Use  the space bar to Jump

Do you think your weaponry skills will be sufficient for you to survive? Now that you know, play Roblox World Shooter and have fun!

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