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Funny Battle Simulator 2

Funny Battle Simulator 2

In the epic war simulation game Funny Battle Simulator 2, you can command an army and take command of the battle as a general.

In the second chapter, Funny Battle Simulator is back. To destroy the enemy army, you will need to position your units on the battlefield wisely. Each of the many different sorts of units you have will have particular advantages over and disadvantages compared to other units. Create your army to combat your adversary, paying close attention to the price of each unit and the number of spaces it requires.


  • Strategically position a range of units.
  • Watch the comical fight take place.
  • System of incremental advancement.
  • Pay attention to more benefits.

How To Play

  • With the left mouse button, build a unit.
  • CTRL + Right Mouse Button to Remove a Unit.
  • WASD and the right mouse button Hold to make an alternate move Shift to accelerate the movement.
  • Rotate the camera using Q/E.

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