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Funny Battle Simulator

Funny Battle Simulator

Funny Battle Simulator is a fantastic game that gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your prowess in the military. In Funny Battle Simulator, are you able to defend the territory you control?

You are free to experiment however you want with your stickmen in this game. Make a plan to defeat your adversaries; it will be a lot of fun. simply construct your army, position them in relation to the enemy's army, and strengthen them. You can use your stickmen of various types in accordance with your plans to create the best battle strategy. It is entirely up to you how many of each of these stickmen you place on the battlefield.

Simply select your option, then drag the mouse to the desired location for the stickmen to stand in Funny Battle Simulator. Additionally, get ready for additional tasks. The following step is to lead your army onto the battlefield while keeping an eye on each soldier's performance. You must take part in many battles and triumph in them all like in Funny Shooter 2. Utilize your tactical expertise to create distinct strategies for each soldier based on the weaponry they are using. Become a very capable general!


  • 3D graphics with a colorful palette.
  • There is a requirement for strategic thinking.
  • Many levels to pass.
  • Put up a fight to defend your territory!

How To Play

  • Use Left Mouse Button to Create Unit
  • Use Right Mouse Button + CTRL to  Delete Unit
  • Use WASD to standard movement
  • Use WASD + Right Mouse Button (Hold) to  Alternative Move
  • Use Shift to  speed up the movement
  • Use Q / E to Rotate the camera

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