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Drift Boss

Drift Boss

In Drift Boss, you have to show how good you are at sliding to see if you are the best. Move your car around the track like a pro and slide it around the turns at full speed. Check out our Racing games collection for more titles like this game. 

By earning points, you can find some great vehicles that are hidden in the game. These cars could be anything from ice cream trucks to ambulances to fire trucks. In this fun and interesting experience, your sliding skills will be put to the test, which will help you improve them. 

How To Play

To get the best score and go the farthest, you have to keep your car under tight control. Make it a goal to get as many gold coins as you can, because that will let you buy extras and cars that work better. 

There are a total of 30 cars that can be unlocked. Some of them can be bought with gold, and others can be unlocked by collecting and finishing a set of cards, some of which are odd.


  • Fantastic 3D arcade environment
  • Develop your drifting skills.
  • Make it a goal to achieve the highest score you possibly can.
  • Access to some amazing automobiles will be granted as you earn more points.

Being the first to the finish line faster than the other competitors is vital, but developing original methods will also determine the winner of this race. 

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