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Biozombie of Evil

Biozombie of Evil

You'll be gripped from start to finish in this intense zombie shooting game, Biozombie of Evil! In this exciting zombie shooting game, survival is the ultimate goal.

There will be a rash of zombies approaching you. They will injure you if they go too close. Keep it from happening. In this action game, shoot every zombie on the streets until none remain! You can take on increasingly tougher zombie hordes by unlocking new weaponry with every level you complete successfully. In Biozombie of Evil, are you up to the challenge of becoming the greatest survivor?


  • Shootouts with heart-pounding action: Players will experience violent shootouts with waves of zombies and heart-pounding action in this game, which will have them on the edge of their seats with pure adrenaline. 
  • Unlockable Weapons: Players can customize their loadout to fit their desired playstyle by choosing from a wide variety of weapons to unlock and improve.
  • Play in a dynamic way: Driveable vehicles give the game a more dynamic feel and encourage strategic movement and inventive tactics to counter zombie threats. 

How To Play

Careful movement and tactical shooting are necessary for this game. Standard WASD keys are used to maneuver your character, while the mouse is used to aim and fire.

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