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Monster Shooter

Monster Shooter

Monster Shooter is back once more! The best and craziest twin-stick shooter ever is here. Favorite items for fans Playing Monster Shooter games are all about having fun while using powerful weapons to destroy aliens. This game is suitable for players of all ages because of how simple the gameplay is. You will have a fantastic time in the galaxy with sophisticated combat and a selection of game modes.


  • Fantastic high-definition imagery.
  • There are 80 unique levels, and each one is full of monsters, mayhem, and alien shenanigans.
  • Locations in the suburbs, the city, the desert, and the arctic can all be destroyed.
  • More than twenty weapons, including a butt-kicking Mech Suit, are at your disposal.
  • Many brand-new enemies, plus challenging boss fights.

How To Play

All of your actions are factored into the bonus score. Pick and use a weapon made to kill the beasts. To advance to the next level and test your skills in a different field, you need to achieve a specific score.

You are in danger and must fight off zombies, huge aliens, and tree creatures to survive. Are you going to be eaten alive or can you survive?