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A Small World Cup

A Small World Cup

Take in the exciting ambiance of A Small World Cup and experience the excitement of taking on great football nations.

The World Cup 1998, which is the biggest sports tournament in the world, is what A Small World Cup is based on. Another reason is that the game has a lot of the same parts as this event. In this game, players can go on a virtual trip to the prestigious international football tournament and fight there. Show off your skills, guide your team to victory, and win the imaginary World Cup.

Game Modes

  • Practice Mode: You can get better and win the world championship by playing by yourself.
  • World Cup Mode: Put your team to the test in the Small World Cup and win in the end!
  • Golden Goal Mode: Quick challenge; the first person to score wins!


If you want to slam the player, drag the mouse and let go in that way.