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Zombies Shooter Part 1

Zombies Shooter Part 1

The first installment Zombies Shooter Part 1 of the Zombies Shooter games series is fantastic and will satisfy your need for a challenging and exciting shooter.

There are those who have a gun and those who don't in the fight to survive against the dead! Play the gun game right away and have fun! You will see a lovely image on an animated screen when you first start the skill game. There, you will play a character in a city where a large number of action zombies are present.

During the battles in Zombies Shooter Part 1, employ a variety of weapons and shoot the zombies once in the head. You can use the mini-map to identify where the threat is located. Some will be small and swift, while others will be huge and powerful. Will you be able to survive the endless waves of zombies that will engulf you in Zombies Shooter Part 1's dozens of levels?


  • Incredibly numerous weapons stockpiles.
  • Engaging and engrossing gameplay.
  • Exceptional adversaries.

How To Play


  • Use Mouse - look around
  • Use Left Mouse Button - Shoot
  • Use Right Mouse Button (Hold) - Aim
  • Use Mouse Wheel - Next / Previous Weapon


  • Use WASD - movement
  • Use W + Shift - Run
  • Use Space - jump
  • Use 1-7 - weapon hotkeys
  • Use R - reload
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