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Zombie Wars TopDown Survival

Zombie Wars TopDown Survival

In a post-apocalyptic world, Zombie Wars TopDown Survival pits players against legions of undead. It is crucial for a commander to use strategic weapons and supply deployment in a post-apocalyptic situation. To outlive the zombies and defend your bunker, you must use every resource at your disposal to prolong your life.

How To Play

Controls guilds

To move, use WASD, to shoot, LMB. Keep in mind that coming into contact with zombies could infect you and transform you into one. Make every effort to maintain your distance and evade the oncoming undead assault.

Collect guns, ammo, and raw materials

Look into adjacent buildings to see whether there are any guns, melee, or homemade weapons. Keep it and aim carefully! Additionally, gather other raw materials like metal, wood, and rags. Utilize them to make practical objects like guns, first aid kits, and traps. To make the most of the resources at your disposal, organize your actions and develop plans.

Collaborate with other survivors

There's strength in numbers in a world where obstacles and zombies abound. Come together with other survivors and cooperate to survive. You can combine resources and take on bigger groups of undead together.  

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