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Zombie Survival Escape

Zombie Survival Escape

Action and strategy are expertly combined in Zombie Survival Escape to provide an immersive, thrilling, and tactically sound experience.

Your objective becomes evident as the unrelenting horde of zombies encircles you: daringly run for the helicopter that is waiting for you to escape the zombie-infested nightmare. You can swap out weapons mid-stride and adjust your approach to counter the constantly evolving perils that lurk around every corner in this exhilarating adventure. Will you have the guts to get through the dangerous terrain, take out every threat, and get your ticket to freedom on the chopper that is waiting for you?

How To Play

The ability to adapt is essential for survival in this harsh environment. As you advance, you can improve your arsenal of explosives or buy more powerful guns to add to your collection of weaponry. You may refill your grenade and bomb supplies by gathering money that is strewn throughout the area. This will guarantee that you always have the firepower required to fight the horde as it grows. 


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